Hydraulic RAM Repairs



Damaged RAM's

Damaged Rams
Let the experts fix-it!!!

We carry out repairs to a wide range of Hydraulic RAM's and associated equipment

RAM Spare Parts?

Ram Spare Parts

We stock a vast range of spare parts and commonly used Hydraulic RAM items

Require RAM Servicing?

Ram Servicing

We service and overhaul a cross section of RAM's at our Mitcham workshops or on-site

Seal Replacement?

Ram Seal Replacement

As part of our preventative program, let us periodically replace your key seals & parts


hydraulic ram repair_benefits

Our customers benefit from:

  • Free hydraulic ram strip down inspection
  • Quick turnaround (normally days not weeks)
  • Cost-effective repair solutions
  • Only quality replacement seals are used
  • Replacement parts made from quality materials
  • Electro plating repair solutions performed "at our workshops"
  • Qualified welding procedures and coded welders
  • Most severely damaged Hydraulic rams can be repaired
  • Full RAM cylinder honing capacity
  • Modern equipped engineering workshops


We can fix it!!!!


hydraulic ram repair problems

Cost Effective Solutions

If you have problems with your Hydraulic RAM's we can provide you with prompt and cost effective solutions. No matter how severely damaged your Hydraulic RAM may be, we can offer cost effective repair or re-manufacture solutions.

  • Dented Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Scored Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Worn Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Bent rods
  • Scored Rods
  • Leaking Hydraulic RAM Seals
  • Eye Bearing Broken
  • Worn/damaged mounts
  • Rusty or Pitted Chrome


We can fix it!!!!


Hydraulic RAM Repairs specialise in the repair, service and overhaul of a of Hydraulic RAM's and associated equipments at HIGHLY COMPETITIVE PRICES.
We offer our repairs services nationwide. We collect/deliver throughout the UK.
If required, we can arrange for Hydraulic RAM removal and re-fitting. If so an additional charge will apply. Other on site services include: test existing oil supply. Supply/refill system with hydraulic oil and test system/filters.
All work is performed at our fully equipped Mitcham, Surrey workshops carried out by certified engineers. Work may performed during normal working hours or on priority basis.
At Hydraulic RAM Repairs UK, we offer a prompt thirty six (36) hour turn-round 'repair and return' on seal replacement when ordered on our 'Special Priority Service' if examined by us before 1.00pm. Typical turn-round time is
2-3 days.
Most Hydraulic RAM's can be repaired by us. However, if in the opinion of our Senior Workshop Engineering Supervisor, it may not be cost-effective to do so or the Hydraulic RAM Unit is likely to be unreliable or prone to poor operation at a future date, the customer will be advised accordingly. Such advice will be supported with a report together with our recommendations on a suitable like-for-like replacement.
Hydraulic RAM Repairs certify all work and is fully guaranteed by us.
For all enquiries, large or small, please contact Hydraulic RAM Repairs on: 020 8640 6900 or email: info@hrruk.com

Hydraulic RAM Repairs - Common Q&A

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